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Thursday, October 19, 2017

GARRETT VENEKLASEN: Candidate for Land Commissioner of New Mexico and School Bully

UPDATE: Ray Powell has dropped out of the race and has given his full endorsement to Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard.

School Bullies: If you weren't the bully at your school, you probably were bullied yourself or know someone who was.

Garrett Veneklasen
How well do you remember your school bully? I had to deal with many such individuals because I went to a lot of different schools--I can't remember many of them, but I will never forget the humiliation and torture I had to put up with from Garrett Veneklasen. The sadistic grimace he used to give me while twisting my arm is forever burned into my memory. 

I was rather surprised and dismayed when I learned that Garrett Veneklasen was running for Land Commissioner of New Mexico. 

Garrett Veneklasen is a turd. He and his two henchmen bullied me mercilessly when I was going to Santa Fe Preparatory School on scholarship in the seventh Grade. Of course, Garrett never tried to harm me unless his cohorts were by his side; I suppose he lacked the courage. I must have been the natural target for their nastiness since I was the only poor-kid on scholarship at the expensive school for rich-kids. Coming from a hippy family didn't make things any easier: I never had the right shoes, or the trendy little Lacoste jersey with the alligator on the left-breast; I didn't know how to play soccer and my hair was too long. Whatever their reasons, it's wrong to bully anyone and the torture inflicted on me by this schmuck and his friends was totally undeserved. I have never been a bully myself, and I have no tolerance for them.

Garret claims to be a "conservationist" on his website, which means he enjoys killing animals. 

Mr. Veneklasen didn't get a job when he got out of high-school, and I would be very surprised to learn that he has ever had a job. Although his family had the resources to get him any kind of education he may have wanted, Garrett has only ever obtained a bachelor's degree. He describes himself as "...A former fishing and big-game hunting outfitter and guide in both New Mexico, Colorado, and abroad..."; that means Garrett has made a lot of money taking other people who like to kill animals out on hunting trips. According to his bio on the New Mexico Wildlife Foundation website, Garrett Veneklasen has run his own business as a fishing and hunting guide for 22 years. From his business's  website it looks like Garrett's idea of work is taking other rich people on international fishing trips to his favorite spots.   

Garrett Veneklasen has never done anything for the people of New Mexico. It appears all that he cares about is fishing and killing defenseless animals. The current Land Commissioner, Aubrey Dunn, has angered the hunting community by denying free access to certain public lands they had access to before he was elected into office. Obviously, Garret is trying to capitalize off of this anger in the hunting community and put himself into a position of power. Garrett isn't even a real Democrat; he was registered as a Republican only two years ago.

Some people will say that I am just a whiny little bitch who can't get over a little harmless ribbing from the guys at school--I'm sure that's what Garrett will think when he reads this. I know I'm not the only person who was bullied in high-school. But the people who usually say such things were probably bullies themselves, or perhaps they looked on while other were bullied and did nothing to stop it. There is a reason why our society is reacting to bullying in way it never has in the past. Humans are evolving, and as we do our behaviors are changing. What was acceptable forty years ago isn't okay anymore. We have learned that victim's of bullies are affected in some very harmful ways. My life may have been very different if I hadn't had to deal with Garrett and his henchmen at Santa Fe Preparatory....perhaps it would be me running for Land Commissioner instead of Garrett. School bullies ultimately take away our right to an education and other opportunities in life.

Needless to say, if it comes down to a choice between Garrett Veneklasen or the Devil for State Land Commissioner of New Mexico, I will heartily endorse the Lord of Darkness; Fortunately, it isn't likely to come down to that. Garret is running against a very qualified adversary: Ray Powell has served as New Mexico's Land Commissioner three times already, with great success. 

In 2014 with Ray Powell at the helm, the New Mexico State Land Office brought in more revenue than it has ever earned to date (I'm proud to say that I was working for the Land Office that year). Ray Powell has an excellent education with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Biology (UNM), a Master’s degree in Botany and Plant Ecology (UNM), and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University, with an emphasis in Wildlife Medicine. If Garrett beats Ray in this election, you can be sure that the dumbing down of America is complete. 

Do me a favor and send Garrett a note at interangler@newmexico.com telling him what you think of high-school bullies, and Vote Ray Powell for Land Commissioner of New Mexico!

 Ray Powell has dropped out of the race and has given his full endorsement to Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard
Stephanie Garcia Richard
Ms. Richard has worked hard for New Mexico schools: I quote from her website, "Today, she is a curriculum coordinator for Pojoaque schools and has served the people of New Mexico for six years in the Legislature and is currently the Chair of the House Education Committee. As an educator, Stephanie taught at a Bureau of Indian Affairs school, a charter school and within the public school system. She has seen firsthand how public policies can succeed—and fall short— in preparing our children and our communities for a promising future."

The New Mexico State Land Office oversees millions of acres of land on behalf of a Trust granted to our children perpetually for their education. Shouldn't we have someone who cares about our children's' future guiding the State's most important source of income, instead of some hunter who just want's more free access to State land so that his hunting-guide business can make more money?

Monday, May 25, 2015


"The Cost of War" a meme by David Settino Scott - 2015
I decided to celebrate this Memorial Day by creating a meme to express my feelings about the unacceptable cost of war. Mother Earth didn't come with any political borders and, in my opinion, there shouldn't be any. Humans need to learn that we are all in the same boat: a small and fragile boat upon the great sea of the cosmos. If we are going to survive as a race we must pull together all of our collective powers and resources to expand our reaches into the heavens. Waging war only serves to deplete our precious dwindling resources as well as our most precious commodity - human spirit. I don't think it should be necessary to point out the absurdity of killing each other in the name of our respective gods, but it appears there is still a lot of that going on. Let us discourage our young from becoming soldiers when what we really need are explorers.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Amazing! Watch this for sure! America's most wanted gives an appearance via proxy server. The discussion is about internet security. You can bet the World's governments are watching this.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It seems simple to me...just shut down those offices, elected and appointed, that are responsible for making the decisions which have  led us to this!

Sunday, August 25, 2013



For the last several months I have been monitoring the World's news networks for stories about the nuclear meltdown (now referred to as a "melt through") at Fukushima's Daiichi Nuclear Reactor. Because, uncontrolled radiation leaking from the damaged nuclear reactor could potentially destroy all life on the planet, it is in my opinion the biggest news event in human history.

Scouring the web-pages of CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, and the Associated Press, I haven't found much about this global crisis. Instead of finding many stories covering the nuclear disaster, I have mostly been finding stories about the British "royal baby", whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden or Julian Assange, and the drug habits of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan. In fact, it has been difficult to find any stories about what is going on at Fukushima's Daiichi Reactor site--it appears that the only news networks that consider the story newsworthy are the UK's BBC news network, Al Jazeera (now only available in the U.S. as Al Jazeera America), and the only network to keep the story in it headlines, Russia Today, which has actually put a link on their front page for FUKUSHIMA LEAK--LIVE UPDATES.

Willful Ignorance?
After posting dozens of articles on my Facebook page, it became obvious to me that people just don't want to talk about what is likely to be the biggest disaster in human history. In fact, even my "activist" friends, the ones who are always calling for action against Monsanto and GMO foods, etc., didn't seem to have anything to say...no "Likes" or "Shares" for my posts about the unfolding story of the poisoning of our planet's oceans. In fact, it looks to me like my attempts to  make people aware of the disaster only makes them angry. Like ostriches with their heads in the sand, they appear to be in willful ignorance to the danger that is rapidly creeping its way across the Pacific Ocean and evaporating into our atmosphere.

Closing our eyes to the situation in Fukushima won't make the problem go away. Pretending it isn't happening won't make us safe from the radiation which is now spreading across our oceans and into our atmosphere. No amount of chocolate-chip happy, positive thinking is going to stop the poisonous radioactivity that is threatening all life on Earth.

In the meantime, we (the United States) still have troops deployed all over the world, fighting useless battles for oil when they should be trying to prevent the oncoming nuclear winter. Let's concentrate all of our national energy on dealing with this situation before it is too late.

What can you do?
I strongly urge everyone of who reads this to contact your representatives in congress by phone or by mail and demand that our federal government ends all overseas operations immediately and starts addressing this global catastrophe.

Contact Your Representative
FOLLOW THIS LINK to find the representatives for your state and contact them today! Once you have found your representative you may copy and paste the suggested text below into the contact form and send it as an email to your local representative.

Copy and Paste This Text:
I write you to request that you initiate action in congress to respond to the global disaster at Fukushima's leaking Daiichi nuclear power plant. The radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean is a threat to all life on the planet. Our federal government is wasting billions of dollars fighting senseless wars overseas while we should instead be doing something to prevent the contamination of our global food supply. Thank you for your attention to this problem.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Even though the food supply of the entire human race is at risk of being lost forever and the end of human civilization is likely, CNN's morning news program remains totally silent on the subject.

Instead, I am seeing stories about the new Jeep; the safety of drinking Diet Coke, and the Mayor of San Diego being banned from Hooters. No one seems to care that Planet Earth will very likely become uninhabitable within our lifetimes.

In my opinion, there is no other news story that is worthy of my time until something is done about the radioactivity leaking out of Japan's broken nuclear reactor. We need a global response effort and we need it now! This should be every nations priority. Fighting over land, religion, and cultural differences is sheer stupidity when we consider the fact that humanity may become extinct whithin a few short generations!

I am making a plea to the nations of the world and the collective news media to bring this story to the headlines. If there is nothing we can do to prevent the inevitable doom that we are all facing, then let us start taking measure to ensure the survival of our race. This should be the first story on our collective consciousness.