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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bush Administration Tortures and Kills Whales

It has always been my position that the Bush administration and the Republican party in general are enemies of environmental protection and the protection of human rights. I have been citing a lot of articles in the San Francisco Chronicle lately, and there were a couple I noticed today which support my position.

As if we didn't already know it, the Senate Armed Services Committee has confirmed that the Bush administration has been in favor of and encouraged the torture of political and war detainees (prisoners) in contravention of international law and the Geneva Convention.

Also, only six weeks before leaving office, Bush and his gang of war criminals are also doing everything they can to ease restrictions designed to protect endangered species in favor of big business and the oil industry. Is anyone surprised? This kind of thing is consistant with the activities Republican politicians all over the country and at all levels of government.
December 14, 2008 | Registered CommenterScottdavene

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