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Monday, December 14, 2009

Green Party Takes Over California Town

Arcata, California........this small northern California town has just become one of very few in the nation that has a City Council which is dominated by Green Party council members.

Read the article here: Hippie Kids Call The Shots

The controversial Green Party, has raised rancor among Democrats who claim that they take liberal, libertarian, and independent votes away from Democrat candidates. Many Greens feel that the Democratic Party hasn't done enough to stand up against the inhumane Republican party and its expansionist, pro-corporation policies. Some believe that the Democrats and Republicans are really all working for the same masters--a small 2% of the planet's population, which is in control of virtually all of the its wealth.


  1. Cool ... I always liked Arcata when I passed through and stopped there. :)

    Of course, I'm looking at that picture trying to guess the exact place and whether I'm in it somewhere. :)

  2. Something about this picture is not right. Shouldn't they all be "naked and not ashamed"?

  3. The hippie kids are calling the shots now in that town. Who's money are they spending? What are they doing to raise it? Why do so called progressives think that taking the fruit of others labor and spending it the way it "should" be spent will make the world a better place?
    So, how do you propose to run things?

  4. marc from that midwest townDecember 21, 2009 at 12:14 AM

    Im moving to arcata!

  5. Anonymous, I'd like to know how what you assume about Arcata's governance differs from the current status quo nationally – not to mention how you know what the City Council is doing. The last 30 or so years, since we stopped being a creditor nation and became a debtor nation, both Democrats and Republicans have been on a borrow-and-spend binge. I see little significant difference between the two. Whoever holds office raises and spends the money the way they think is best, or most expedient, or most likely to result in reelection.


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