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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Privilege of Anonymity

Although it is repugnant for me to do so because it has a chilling effect on free speech, I had to change the posting requirements for this web-page. Of course, I am happy to receive any and all comments here, and I will only censor spam (i.e., repetitive duplicate posts), hate speech, or obscene material. I believe the privilege to publish one's opinion anonymously is central to any functioning free society. Nevertheless, as this blog becomes more popular, it becomes increasingly difficult for me to moderate appropriately. I hope the new policy doesn't discourage too many people from posting here. Anyone who is interested in becoming an official contributer to this forum please feel free to send a writing sample to my email address.

Bloggers, please feel free to leave links with your comments.

As always, I am grateful for your participation!

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  1. All I will say as far as political discussion goes, is that Capitalism is doomed to failure. It is unsustainable and will fall eventually. I don't think it will fall sooner than later, but it will.


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