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Friday, December 18, 2009

Wedding Photographer Ordered to Pay Same Sex Couple

It appears that the photographer, a Christian, felt that it was against her religious beliefs to photograph a same sex couple who later brought a civil suit against her for discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Taos judge agreed and ordered the photographer to pay the couple $6,600+. The case is on appeal, of course.



  1. This is an obvious case of violating the individual rights of the photographer. It forces the photographer to go against the right to believe and act according to ones own values.

  2. So much for freedom! Why couldn't the same-sex couople have gotten another photographer? Why did the civil liberties of the photographer have to be violated? Ha, the Left-Wing and their image of "freedom" - it is quite scary!

  3. Why only $6,600? How about $6,600,000? Christians don't belong in Taos anyway....

  4. Obviously, "rights" are afforded to those speaking and "expect" everyone else to agree with them, regardless their convictions. Such it is with the left; my way or the hi-way, or jail "they" usually prefer

  5. "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" can be misused in a discriminatory manner. that said, i am of the opinion that some on both sides of the debate have gone out of there way to instigate adversarial incidents.


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