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Saturday, April 17, 2010

United States Supporting Brutal Dictators?

As a child I was taught to believe that I was growing up in the greatest country in the world. I taught that in the United States, individual freedom was protected and cherished. I watched old World War II movies and drank in the traditional ideals woven into their stories: Strong men who believed in what they were doing, fighting against the evil, expansionist, totalitarian governments of dictatorial and communist nations.

As I grew up, I was surprised to discover that in fact, the United States is guilty of installing and supporting fascist dictators all over the world--as long as they are willing to "play ball" with American businesses. The ideals of a foreign leader or government do not appear to be important when it comes to our foreign policy, just as long as their policies are favorable to "American interests".

This short Youtube clip explains my point fairly well. I also recommend doing some research on the School of the Americas, which has recently been renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute For Security Cooperation. Many of the schools graduates have been accused of war-crimes for their activities in foreign countries.

Free your mind and the rest will follow!

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