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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Israel has attacked peaceful protest ships engaged in a humanitarian aid mission. This outrageous attack happened on the high seas in international waters.

Apparently, nine (9) people have been killed by the Israeli stormtroopers; an unknown number of people have been wounded. One woman is reported to have lost her left eye. It was early in the morning in Gaza when high speed attack boats and helicopters swooped in. It is reported that commandos in riot gear boarded the ship or ships after a barrage of sound-bombs, tear-gas, and explosions. The Israeli government has released edited video clips showing men in black riot-gear, attacking the occupants of a ship with batons, guns and other weapons. The above video came from Al Jazeera.

This attack appears to have been done with total disregard for international law. There was no possible threat from the peaceful protesters on the high seas, yet they were boarded and attacked. With the support and assistance of the United States, Israel has been subjugating and holding the Palistinian people in a virtual prison for many years now.  There is little doubt that this act of piracy by the Israeli government will infuriate and inflame an already distrustful Muslim world.  

If this wasn't such a serious crime against humanity, it would be laughable that Israel stole the demonstrators recording equipment along with all of their other media devices such as cell-phone camera's etc, and then released a heavily edited video on Youtube. Here it is!

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