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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Posted as a response to a video of Glenn Beck interviewing Lord Monckton on his radio show, Dave speaks about the damage done to the planet by corporate industries and the legacy of pollution that is being passed on to future generations.

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This is very sad! It is amazing that there are any humans left alive.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World War III - Deletion

I accidentally erased the following comment that was submitted to my post on World War III, I apologize to my anonymous poster and will publish the post here. As always I am grateful for comments on any of my blogs or websites.

Anonymous Poster:

Using evil to prey upon evil.
I realize the horrific days of people planning monsterous acts like the Holocaust are behind us. But that doesn't mean there still are not scams in the economy, besides The Skim, wnich the gods view as necessary for positioning's sake.
Just as clone hosting selected disfavored whom the gods wanted ot ensure had no chance to ascend before The End, so did being invited into the 21st century real estate scam ensure as of yet undetermined punishment elements.
They instructed people whom they wanted ot condition into faith in their relationship that since the stock market would top out they should shift their asset base into real estate instead.
And they told them when to sell before they tanked the real estate market as well, timing all based on the level of confidence they wanted each to understand.
The victims may cry "Why would this happen to me." but their behavior in a prior life would answer this:::It didin't happen to anyone who didn't deserve it.

Both the public and the private sector host $400k overpaid employees. The difference?
The public sector preyed upon the disfavored rejects from motherlands, people too disfavored to stay reproducing with their own blood and enjoying their own culture. Corporate preyed upon the more favored purebloods from their motherland through sourcing. Yet another great example of the god's "reverse positioning".

They point the finger at me and claim I participate by shopping at WalMart.
Now this is something I have yet to understand, for they ALL engage in this sourcing due to cheap Asian labor. And Walmart has a very straightforward business model, although not as clear as Costco's "14%", rest assured I pay a margin on each and every product I purchase at Walmart independantly, including my $3 box of American made Cherios and my 68 cent can of Campbell's tomato soup.
INCIDENTALLY, it seems to me we pay THE SAME PRICE FOR SHIT THAT WE DID BEFORE SOURCING BEGAN. The difference is being poicketed by corporate and the $400k employees who are recruited into playing a part in this evil.
The gods intentionally set this up to ensure the onus falls upon the preditory capitalist and not the ignorant public.
Trash at the top just as there is trash in the ghetto.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Here is my link and to hell with your all! http://www.sfgate.com/election-results/

Governor Election

Thankfully, Billionaire Meg Whitman failed to buy the Governor's seat. She spent over $140 Million of her own money and lost it all! Suddenly I feel better about all that time I wasted trying to make money on E-Bay...here it is:

U.S. Senate

Boxer kicked ass on Fiorina; let's face it, Barbara was just sexier....

Lieutenant Governor

Gavin Newsom, laid waste to Republican, Abel Maldenado

Republican candidate for Attorney General, was lost by the Democrat, Kamala D. Harris, (sorry Phil, I know you had a crush,) to Republican, Steve Cooley.

U.S. House: Dist 11

Taken by the Republican David Harmer (let's think about the name people)with only a 3% spread.

Prop 19 (The right to recreational Marijuana)

Beaten by a swing of about 10%.

Prop 23

Californians said No. Fuck the Oil Companies!

I could go on, but I think you get the point...