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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Here is my link and to hell with your all! http://www.sfgate.com/election-results/

Governor Election

Thankfully, Billionaire Meg Whitman failed to buy the Governor's seat. She spent over $140 Million of her own money and lost it all! Suddenly I feel better about all that time I wasted trying to make money on E-Bay...here it is:

U.S. Senate

Boxer kicked ass on Fiorina; let's face it, Barbara was just sexier....

Lieutenant Governor

Gavin Newsom, laid waste to Republican, Abel Maldenado

Republican candidate for Attorney General, was lost by the Democrat, Kamala D. Harris, (sorry Phil, I know you had a crush,) to Republican, Steve Cooley.

U.S. House: Dist 11

Taken by the Republican David Harmer (let's think about the name people)with only a 3% spread.

Prop 19 (The right to recreational Marijuana)

Beaten by a swing of about 10%.

Prop 23

Californians said No. Fuck the Oil Companies!

I could go on, but I think you get the point...

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  1. I was a poll worker yesterday. About another 20% of our votes came in "mail" envelopes. IF they ever get counted, we could get a very different vote on things like Prop 19


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