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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scenes of clashes in Tahrir Square

Here is a video showing the "pro Mubarak" counter-protesters attacking the original anti-Mubarak protest taking place close to liberty square in Cairo. One has to wonder whether the pro-Mubarak attackers might be government/military personnel in civilian clothes....

Here is another one from Al Jazeera English:

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  1. It's been a known fact that since the net and cell service went down on Thurs., and riot police disappeared last friday, as prisons were emptied, you could see it on the way. It's an age old tactic employed by pretty much EVERY government on earth. They put the police in plain clothes, they promise prisoners money to run around and try to ravage the nicer neighborhoods and create massive fear so people shut up and go home.
    These wonderful people were to smart, and too passionate for this bullshit. They put up checkpoints, found cops (with ID) with weapons. Then the regime tries to show their power, shows their supporters, still didn't work. So they sent thugs to charge the crowd, and it still did not work. The demonstrators built barricades, pushed and pushed these paid thugs back, all while being barraged by a seemingly endless supply of molotov cocktails (being delivered by state trucks). They pushed, and they pushed!!! Only using force to defend themselves. It has started as a peaceful demonstration, and they are determined to keep it so. And the resolution, spirit, and tremendous fight of the people of Liberation Square is something the rest of the world could only aspire to have in them


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