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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let Us Remember The Heroes

Do you recognize this man? Most will say he looks vaguely familiar, and he should...in my opinion, this is the greatest hero of the war in Iraq. This man had the courage and the fortitude to stand up and say what he believed in, in spite of the swift and brutal retaliation that he knew he would receive for doing so. This is the famous Shoe Throwing Reporter, Muntadhar al-Zeidi. He had the nerve to throw both of his shoes at Former President Bush in a show of disgust for the lies and propaganda spread by the Bush administration. He endured nine months of torture in an Iraqi prison for his act of defiance, and was released last September.

After his release, al-Zeidi said that he believes US forces "...will spare no efforts to track me as an insurgent revolutionary in a bid to kill me..." He has since gone into hiding with his family.

Please post a comment below...especially if you disagree with me!


  1. A man throws a shoe, causing no harm other than the embarrassment of a political leader. For this, he is arrested, held in prison for 3/4 of a year, tortured, and upon his release hides in fear that he'll be killed.

    The people who did this to him largely proclaim themselves to be Christians, meaning they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. A popular bumper sticker is "What would Jesus Do?"

    Jesus spoke of loving one's enemy as one's brother. Jesus spoke of turning the other cheek when your enemy strikes you.

    One gets the distinct impression from the Bible that Jesus' response to the man throwing a shoe would most likely to be to go wash the man's feet.

    The people who did this proudly claim to be Americans. America, the country that was created with a loud proclamation that all men are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights. America, the country that was founded with acts of disrespect towards a King. America, the country that was founded with a love of free political speech and a dislike for strong governments and standing armies. America, the country that once said that it should not go abroad in search of monsters to slay. America, the country that once believed that people should not be deprived of liberty or property without a trial of a jury of their peers.

    If Patrick Henry was in the same situation as Mr. Al-Zeidi, I wonder what he might have said to Bush? Something about 'give me liberty', perhaps?

    The problem is, at times this nation appears that it is no longer either Christian or American.

  2. America is definitely no longer a "Christian Nation." It used to be...but no longer. It has strayed away from liberty. Freedoms are being stripped away in the name of what...security? Fairness? Tolerance? These are facades that are hiding the agendas of the anti-christs (not saying "the Antichrist," but certainly would not exclude him) to rid America and the world of the truth and unite under one religion. They preach tolerance, yet persecute those that truly stand for Christ and stand for liberty.

    See the articles I've posted on my blog, Baptist Christian Education. One article is "Religious Liberty vs. Tolerance" and the other is "Covenant vs. Compact" (part 2 of this one will be posted on Dec. 21 and speaks specifically about being a "Christian nation").


  3. When I first heard about what this guy did I laughed at the odd scene. What great courage to make his point in a mostly harmless way. Bush should have pleaded for him not to be punished for expressing himself. The laws of the Middle East can be quite harsh. I must have missed how his captors were Christians. Is the Iraqi justice system run by Christians?

  4. Throwing a shoe, or showing the sole of your shoe in Iraq will get one's head knocked off by Iraqis, this isn't an American thing. The US involvement this cultural taboo is next to nothing.

    Let's say he did this to a religious leader or Sadr, what would be his fate. Let's say he wouldn't be running and hiding anywhere because he would already be dead.

    Last time I heard, the Iraqi Christains are fleeing Iraq and are being killed at an alarming rate. In other words, some of the early statements are from someone that has little knowledge of Iraq.

  5. I never read that President Bush had anything to say. I would think he might have thought it funny. I do not think of him as being arrogant as the president we have now. One may not have liked his policies, but he was an humble man. Just my opinion

  6. I wonder how far the "brave shoe thrower" would have gotten if he had thrown a shoe at Saddam Hussien? Yea, not so brave anymore. Bush, being most humble, should have used that to show and justify the liberation of Iraq - a reporter threw a shoe! Something that couldn't of happened before the liberation. al-Zeidi had nothing to fear from the US troops and should have thanked Bush profusely after throwing the shoes. If I had been in Bush's place - I would have flung mine back. So much for your "hero" as I can tell most others posting here disagree with you - but it was all too easy!

  7. That shoe-throwing reporter should come to America where [horse] shoe throwing is a fun sport engaged by many Christian Americans in many back yards on many pleasant evenings such as July 4th and Veterans Day and Memorial Day etc. He will learn whay a joy it is to be an American.

  8. And what should happen to a person who throws a shoe at the Messiah Obama? All you America hating cowards can go pack sand. Despite your whining posts about the decay of liberties and Christian values, the fact remains the shoe thrower lived to tell the tale in his "expression of free speech"... Also, this act constitutes assault, and last I checked there are laws that deal with this, esp. assault on a US president (any president).

  9. HaHa, America was never a christian nation. In fact the founding fathers of this nation hated christianity and pretty much religion in general in favor of philosophy and science. Why? The reason they started the country is they realized how corrupt man is and that any powerful organisation (religion not excluded) is corrupt. Plus christianity is just a great astrological theology that comes from the egyptian god HORUS translation God's Sun as in the sun that provides life to planet earth. Who was hence born december 25th (sound familiar christians) which is weird because in the northern hemisphere the sun gets to its lowest point in the sky the 22nd 23rd and 24th (3 days another symbol wait for it) only to be risen on the 25th by 1 degree, therefor the sun is born on December 25th. Which is when many many other religions have their messiah born like krishna (just one example) who's story was long before your man JC's. Okay the three day thing the sun at the lowest point in the sky or the suns death for 3 days kind of like jesus dying for 3 days. Yeah it doesn't happen over easter, but easter can be celebrated with spring harvests because of the suns birth. There are so many things i could talk about in the bible that go along with watching stars in the sky, but my point is this. Religion wont solve anything but can enslave people and pit them together. Dont get me wrong I think the teachings of the bible for humanity are great but they shouldnt be taught so you get to heaven they should just be taught because its the right thing to do. I dont believe in religion and I dont know about a god and probably will never. I lost my point, oh yeah i just know this guy really didnt deserve to be in jail for 3/4 a year and shouldnt fear his life, but he shouldnt assault a world leader either. Although throwing a shoe a bush is funny because he's use to tomatoes.



    Now, the question is if the [EU] European Union is now the Eastern half of the Empire, with Brussels the New Constantinople and does its existence guarantees the national sovereignty, of each individual state within the European Union, A Perpetual Peace created through a universal monarchy, spanning the globe which is hopelessly naïve; such a monarchy couldn’t possibly remain as a nice, friendly, constitutional one but would inevitably need to become despotism, as Lord Acton wrote, All power, corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely, this model has been tried before, the logic goes;

    A. Democracy by State = Democracy by Population

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    [The European Union]

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    [Designed for Special Category]

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    And how is this washing of their hands and turning a blind eye accomplished, well the allegations of detainee torture are about a problem in Afghanistan that is beyond our control, is the response of those who have been placed in the highest levels of both those appointed to [NATO] and those governments absolutely, against the [SPECIAL CATEGORY TERRORIST PRISONERS], after all we just turned captured [Terrorist] over to local forces, who were trained and supervised by Empire [CIA] Central Intelligence Agency agents, and mercenary operatives. The idea being well we didn’t torture or break international law or the Geneva conventions they did, not us we are conforming to transfer systems agreed upon by diplomats, It’s out of our control, its not our problem, [I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS], its not our issue its theirs, its not our job to monitor detainees treatment upon transfer. Never mind that under the Geneva Conventions sets out a legal responsibility for forces handing over detainees, and that no human being should be transferred into the custody of those who will not abide by the Geneva Conventions, so much for being a civilized modern society.


  16. This man knew what he would face. The real hero is President Bush, who now, one year out of office, looks like the Messiah himself next to this Marxist black devil ACORN got elected.


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