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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State Of The Union Address

During the President's speech tonight I noticed something that surprised me. Although, I always thought that illegal immigration was one of the right-wing's favorite personal peeve's, when the President talked about reforming our county's immigration policy, very few of the Republican attendees stood up to applaude; conversely, nearly all of the Democrat attendees were on their feet clapping immediately. The Republican side of the gallery only grudgingly stood up when the President spoke of ending the war in Iraq: why do Republican's love war so much?

Although it has long been my position that both parties have been ripping off the American public for generations, it has been demonstrated that the Democrat's policies lead to a healthier economy and a freer society. It is clear that the right-wing's bottom line is always profits; they appear to be against anything that might threaten corporate profits.

The President's speech was strong and well delivered; he made a lot of sense. By contrast the Republican rebuttal was weak: The Republican's complain a lot about the President's ideas, but they always seem to forget that it was their irresponsible fiscal policies that led to the economic disaster the world is now facing.

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  1. Interesting take, Devil's Advocate. Here's something to note:

    The financial problems started well before GW's reign, or even his father's. It started in 1913. The boom and bust cycles have commenced since then, with the Dollar inflating to become worth less than 5% of its original value.

    Neither Republicans nor Democrats can be blamed for it. Banksters who control the two parties are to blame.


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