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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obama Opens Offshore Oil-Drilling

It is my prediction that 25 years from now only the military and the very rich will possess and use gasoline.

I guess it is fitting then, that President Obama should announce the resolution to open offshore oil drilling at Andrews Naval Air Base in Washington. Since it will take about ten years to get the proposed platforms operational, this move will not significantly effect gas prices for US consumers. In my opinion it is more of a gift to the Pentagon from a President who wants to improve his popularity with military personnel.

Once again we see that there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have been ripping off the American People and the rest of the world for generations. The impending energy crisis is nothing new. Liberals saw this coming back in the seventies, and conservatives tried to ignore their warnings like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand.

It is high time we stop pretending our problems will just go away if we ignore them. From the condition of things here on Earth, it is clear that things have been managed poorly. Let us stop wasting our precious irreplaceable resources,and killing ourselves in the process. We must start cleaning up our mess now. It may already be too late!

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